Leadership in Hood River -

the start of another great year.

 Leadership was hosted by Delta Kappa and as usual they provided am entertaining weekend.  President Jill Rankin and Workshop Chair Barb Moss provided efficient meetings and entertaining and informative workshops. 

The weekend began on Friday night with a no-host dinner at a local golf club.  Great food, great company and lots of laughter. Saturday afternoon BArb led us through a workshop where we came up if imaginative ways to attract new members.  Saturday evening we were entertained by the Sweet Adeline Chorus from Hood River, and then Carolyn Warren led us through a game where we were forced to use our (mostly non-existent) artistic skills.  Awards from IC and ESA Foundation last year were announced.  Luckily the smoke had cleared a bit for our drives home.  Looking forward to seeing everyone at Winter Meeting. 

2017-18 Educational Program

President Jill's theme (Hooked on ESA) is reflected in the Educational Program for 2017-18. Marsha Klosterman, Educational Chair, presented her program. 

I challenge you to ... Find a way to tie everything you do to how ESA benefits all of us. Jill has given us an open-ended theme to which I hope all chapters spend time thinking about every time they have an education. And I would love for all of you to keep track and submit a report at the end of the year. This isn't about competition, but about sharing ideas that benefit us all through ESA.

Some suggestions:

  1. Hooked on ESA - education members on ESA. Many of us are newer or have forgotten the meaning of the goals of philanthropic, our history, St Jude, Easter Seals, our Ideals.
  2. Hooked on Health - Educationals geared to the health of members. Food (diets, recipes), exercise, mental health
  3. Hooked on Literature - Local authors, favorite authors (book club idea)
  4. Hooked on Members' Skills - Sharing members' talents
  5. Hooked on History - Educationals on local or regional history events/places
  6. Hooked on Travel - Look for places of interest to visit. Could be local or state and do an educational on what to see and do.